Swimming in spam

One of the reasons I bought a domain to set up my website (rather than use my blueyonder space) was so that I could have a blog where people could interact.  It therefore seems ironic that, due to the deluge of spam, I have now decided to switch that option off.  My website’s spam comments have just topped three hundred again and I have been working my way back through 160 posts to uncheck the box that says ‘allow comments’.

What is spam?  Originally, of course, it was that lunchtime special immortalised by Monty Python.  The word spam is said to stand for Specially Processed American Meat, or spiced ham. No one knows for sure. This delicacy was introduced in 1937 and became popular during World War II.  Spam basically consists of pork, ham and potato starch.  After the famous Python sketch, the word spam took on a whole new meaning as something unwanted (that comes with everything!), eventually coming to be used specifically for unwanted email.

Where does it come from?  Do bloggers actually allow it to be posted and do visitors actually follow the links?  For a while, it was knock-off handbags and sunglasses, more recently it’s Viagra.  As the majority of those doing yoga are female, do they think our partners need help?  Deleting the comments in the administration part of the site became a huge task, and yes, I was too tight to pay to use a spam blocker.

I am guessing that the spam comes from real people, given that they have to submit the captcha information in order to post it.  As a (ex-)careers advisor, I don’t remember this job in the compendium of careers information. It probably didn’t exist then, and maybe these people spent their time delivering junk mail through letterboxes instead.  At least they would get some fresh air and exercise that way, rather than spending hours online tracking down unsuspecting websites to bombard.

Perhaps they would like to try a yoga class!

Anyway, no more spam for me.  Time is too short to deal with the deluge.  I’m sorry that I’ve had to remove the comments feature from my blog but hope that those of you who enjoy my posts will continue to tell me so in the good old-fashioned way – in person!


Spam Spam Spam!

Since starting to write in this blog I have been swamped with spam – mostly offering cheap fake Hermes handbags!  Having taken another look at the settings I have adjusted things so that you need to register with the site in order to comment.  It has certainly helped with the spam, no fake handbags so far!  If you would like to leave a comment or reply to any blogpost there is just a simple form to fill in now, and away you go.