Braving the elements

Well, what a winter it’s been already, with Birmingham finally seeing some pretty heavy snow…followed, of course, by treacherous icy pavements to test our balance in the extreme!  I have quite a dilemma at the start of an icy winter blast like this; do I cancel everything or, unwilling to be beaten by the weather, do we forge ahead with classes as planned?  This time it seemed prudent to give into the weather, so 3 classes were cancelled when the heaviest snow came down in December.

Having spent a considerable amount of time attempting to read between the lines of the weather forecasts, I decided it really depended on how far people had to come – would they be able to get to class safely? So I got out my student records and checked out the addresses.  This is a section I don’t usually pay much attention to, but it turned out to be quite revealing!  I discovered that the majority of students live remarkably close to the class venue; for some classes, almost everyone was within a half mile radius!  This confirmed for me that it’s reasonable to go ahead as planned in all but the most extreme weather Birmingham offers.

And turn up you did!  Boots, wellies, scarves and hats adorned our venues and there were many tales of the challenges faced even on a short journey.  Each winter I am humbled by the number of people who made the effort to come along despite the harsh conditions.  It’s really great to see how many have chosen a class that’s within walking distance, helping to reduce the traffic on already-busy roads and my yoga classes’ ‘carbon footprint’, in turn helping to reduce our impact on the planet’s stretched resources