The power of the pause

I seem to be having an exceptionally busy week, catching up with myself after being under the weather and not doing so much last week.  Dashing around all day, ticking off tasks from my ‘to do’ list, has reminded me of the benefits of taking just a few minutes now and then to stop and just ‘be’.

The power of the pause lies in taking just a few minutes to stop whatever we are doing.  It’s rather like taking a break at the motorway services.  After rushing headlong towards our destination, amidst the roar of traffic, we can appreciate the quiet when we switch of the engine and get out of the car to stretch our legs.

The pause enables us to briefly let go of our goals for the day and come instead to the experience of our physical being, our breath, our existence from one moment to the next.  The pause acts as a way of completely letting go of our need to achieve, just for those few moments.  And just like that break at the motorway services, it leaves us feeling refreshed and more able to complete whatever needs to be done afterwards.

For some of us, it can be a rare treat to be able to spend a whole afternoon or even a whole hour doing nothing in particular.  This is when those little pauses come into their own.  We can all find a few minutes to stop, perhaps sit quietly and focus on the breath.  You might be surprised by how much more you get done as a result.