Make Tuesday night yoga night!

If you have done some yoga before, why not come along on a Tuesday evening to Bournville Quaker Meeting and give this class a try.  We moved to this new venue in January, as it is more suited to our practice than the previous venue. This session also has the advantage of being a drop-in class, so if you can’t commit to a block of classes you won’t be paying for any you need to miss.

The class starts at 7.30pm with a few minutes relaxation, followed by an asana (postures) practice that takes us to about 8.30pm.  This part includes a short sequence that we do each week, so you will soon pick it up if it is new to you.  We then sit for a breathing or meditation practice lasting some 15 mins and this is followed by a guided relaxation practice to finish the session off.

Some previous experience of attending a yoga class is preferred so you have an idea of how we work, coordinating movement and breath – it doesn’t need to be much, a few classes will be fine!  If the time suits your schedule and you want to give it a try, I look forward to meeting you soon!