Block Booking System and Pricing

All classes (EXCEPT Tuesday 7.30pm Improvers) are booked in blocks of up to 6 weeks, aligned roughly with the school half terms, according to the following system:

    • The price per block is based on £5.50 per 1 hour class x number of weeks eg a 6 week block is £33.  For 1.25hrs the price is based on £7 for the session.
    • Payment in full is due by the first week of the block and can be made in advance by cheque (payable to K.J. Woodman) or in cash in week one.
    • If you are unable to attend the first class please arrange to pay for your place before or during the first week of classes. If you do not, your place may be offered to someone else.
    • Late payments can be made in cash only and will still incur the full price for the block.
    • The booking is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Once a class is full, a waiting list is kept and places are offered to students from this list.
    • Should places remain after a block has started, it is possible to attend on a drop-in basis, paying a surcharge of £3 on the usual price. Priority is always given to students who have paid for the full block and spaces for drop-in students cannot be guaranteed or pre-booked. Payment for individual classes is cash only.
    • Students paying for the full block will be guaranteed a place on the following block if required. Claim your place by signing up on the sheet which will be provided in class.
    • If you have not signed up for the coming block but wish to make a full booking for the future, add your name back onto the waiting list as soon as possible, to have the best chance of a place.
    • I reserve the right to refuse a place or cancel your booking (for which you will be reimbursed pro-rata for any outstanding classes) should I deem the class to be unsuitable for you for any reason.

New students

    • You may join a class at any time, providing spaces are available, and complete your first class before deciding whether to commit to the whole block.
    • At the end of this first class you have 2 options:
      • pay the usual price for 1 session if you do not wish to continue
      • pay for that class plus the remaining weeks of the block to reserve your space (£5.50 or £7 x number of weeks, depending on class length)
      • Further classes taken on a drop-in basis will incur a £3 surcharge.
    • Payment for new students is in cash only.

Class Swaps
I operate a swap system to try and help those who may miss several of their usual classes in a block. Please let me know as soon as possible if you know you will be away.  This makes your usual space available to another student and hopefully we can arrange for you to attend at a different time.

    • Swaps are arranged within the current block of sessions only.
    • Swaps are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis but priority may be given to those who will otherwise have to miss several sessions.
    • A swap is not possible if you provide less than 48hrs/no notice of your absence.
    • The option to attend an alternative session cannot be guaranteed.
    • Swaps can only be arranged between classes at the two Meeting Houses.
    • No price adjustment will be made for swapping to a shorter or longer class.

Classes at the Meeting Houses are unlikely to be cancelled due to poor weather but on a rare occasion I may be obliged to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances.

    • If I can give more than 24hrs notice I will email you.
    • If I am giving less than 24hrs notice I will text you.
    • Students who would normally attend the cancelled session will be offered either credit towards their next booking, or a refund, if they will not be continuing.  However;
    • If you have arranged to swap that particular class for another session you will not be entitled to a refund in addition to the swapped class.
    • If you have arranged a swap to attend the cancelled class instead of your usual session I will attempt to offer you another alternative class but this cannot be guaranteed.

Recent Posts

Is something cramping your style?

One of the things I have noticed since I started teaching yoga is the frequency with which people seem to suffer muscle cramps during a class.  A muscle cramp is defined as an involuntary contraction of the muscle that refuses to relax.  It may last anything from a few seconds to several minutes and once a particular muscle has cramped, it may be prone to doing so repeatedly during the same session.  I have found that in yoga cramps often seem to affect muscles that are passively shortened.  A good (and frequent!) example of this is the sole of the foot, where the muscles are shortened as the toes are pointed in postures such as cat (majariasana).

Muscles contract as a result of electrical stimulation and relax when this is deactivated.  Obviously, during an episode of cramp this system is not working as it should.  Cramp is also more common if the muscles have been overworked.  If you are prone to cramp it is helpful to make sure you drink plenty of water and base your diet around healthy fresh foods that maintain your electrolyte balance.  Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are all important in the body to ensure the muscle fibres respond properly to the exercise you are doing and make you less prone to suffering from cramp.  Taking magnesium supplements may be beneficial for some people, as studies have shown that a lack of magnesium can make things worse.

Age and genetics also contribute to your risk of getting cramp and of course these are not things we can do much about.  It can however be helpful to make a point of regularly stretching out the muscles that tend to be prone to cramping.  For example, if you tend to get cramp when you point your toes, get into the habit of stretching the soles of the feet by flexing the ankles and toes.  You might also encourage the area to relax by massaging it with a tennis ball – or golf ball if you are feeling brave!

Want to know more?  Try this useful article here.

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